what we do?

We took a deep look into the root causes of poverty and came up with the following programs as a way to reduce poverty.

Skill Acquisition

It is a 3 months program designed to reform, refine and transform the poor and finally equipping them with skills, producing individuals ready to impact society positively. The various skills we offer are as follows: Computer studies, furniture work, fashion design, catering, hairstylist, driving and photography.

Funding System

Giving the volume of financial responsibility in demand by this Project, we have come up with various means of generating funds to support our projects.

  • 1. Charity Shop
  • 2. Lingua Class
  • 3. Skills Dispatch
  • 4. Adverts
  • 5. Donations
  • 6. Others

Business Empowerment

It is a 6 months program designed to financially empower the poor. We pick those that are capable and have passion for business, we set them up on business after adequate education on the suppose business. The education process takes 2 months thereafter the business is set up and managed by a member of TCF together with the individual for 4 months after which the business is completely handed over to the individual. A checkup process by TCF would continue for another 6 months before we back off completely.

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